New problem, easily solved...

...I hope. Back in January our hard drive crashed, taking all of our important documents with it: Tax returns and resumes, mostly. Not to mention some recorded audio of our kids being genuinely cute. And so I learned about the importance of regular backups.

Well last night the computer wouldn't start up at all (no fans, no hard drive, etc.) but the little LED's which indicate a network connection came on fine. I'm thinking it's the power supply, having been down this road once before several years ago. So I'll be picking up a new one for cheap tonight and crossing my fingers.

A hard drive and a power supply failing within 6 months of each other. That leaves the CD drives, the motherboard, and the RAM. So I guess we haven't replaced half the computer yet. Regardless, when the MB goes, it's time for a new unit.



Test No. 3

18 out of 20. Genius, I say!

Well, actually it came from a third party. A completely objective, anonymous third party, whose credibility in measuring such things is not verifiable. So it must be true.

I couldn't get number 7 or 19, by the way.

Hat tip: Mac Stansbury, guest-blogging at Alabama Improper.



Peace at any price

Captain Ed reported that United for Peace and Justice was protesting in front of the Pentagon today, in an attention-seeking effort to build opposition to the presence of American troops overseas. Normally, I'd ignore this sort of thing because it just doesn't interest me that much, except I noticed that one of the featured speakers is local rabble-rouser Mike Ferner of Veterans For Peace.

I almost regret posting this, because it continues to draw attention to him. (You see, Ferner likes to see his name in print.) When he isn't giving speeches, he's writing about people getting arrested in connection with their opposition to the war.

When that doesn't satisfy him, he seeks to be arrested himself. Earlier this month he was arrested for interrupting a hearing of the House Appropriations Committee. On New Year's Day, he was arrested for defacing a few bridges here in the area. Then he had the nerve to imply that the arrest was violating his freedom of speech.

Of local note: Ferner was the favorite candidate for mayor here in Toledo in 1992, but lost narrowly to current mayor Carty Finkbeiner. Sure am glad we dodged that bullet!

Michele Malkin was there and has some pics.



This just in:

Bush may actually be Hitler. Mr. Right has the scoop.

Hat tip to the Jawa Report.



OK, So I'm a geek

But I want my next sheet of stamps to be this one.


Freedom of speech (blah blah blah)

There was some hoopla last week about a poll (PDF) which indicated unsurprisingly that Americans are more familiar with elements of pop culture than the freedoms explicitly listed at the top of the Bill of Rights. Sad perhaps, but as I said, unsurprising.

Unfortunately, some people support those First Amendment freedoms so vehemently they'll attack anyone who disagrees with them on the interpretation. Case in point: Stop the ACLU's primary site has been taken offline by what is known as a denial of service attack (DOS). They're working on the problem, and have a secondary site up here.

Of course it's highly possible the people who did this aren't citizens at all, which means they probably can't even be prosecuted.

On the other hand, the folks at Stop The ACLU are in good company. Congratulations!



Ears like a dog

So I'm driving home from a class last night with my wife, doing 60 mph on the expressway and carrying on a conversation about the topic of the night's class, when I hear this clicking sound. "What's that sound?"

She shrugs. "I don't hear anything."

I check the keys. They're swaying as they dangle from the ignition, but not banging into anything. "Is it your watch?"

She holds her watch up to her ear. "No. I don't hear anything."

I hold my wrist up to my ear to check my watch. It's clicking away the seconds. "Must be mine." And we went on with our conversation.

A few seconds later, the clicking is still bugging me because it doesn't sound like it's coming from my side of the vehicle. I grabbed her arm. She stopped talking in mid-sentence while I held it up to my ear. "It's definitely your watch."

I've awakened before to the sound of my own watch, clicking away a few inches from my face in the silence of the night. Who can hear a wristwatch from three feet away while carrying on a conversation in an automobile at expressway speeds? Just doesn't seem normal.