Peace at any price

Captain Ed reported that United for Peace and Justice was protesting in front of the Pentagon today, in an attention-seeking effort to build opposition to the presence of American troops overseas. Normally, I'd ignore this sort of thing because it just doesn't interest me that much, except I noticed that one of the featured speakers is local rabble-rouser Mike Ferner of Veterans For Peace.

I almost regret posting this, because it continues to draw attention to him. (You see, Ferner likes to see his name in print.) When he isn't giving speeches, he's writing about people getting arrested in connection with their opposition to the war.

When that doesn't satisfy him, he seeks to be arrested himself. Earlier this month he was arrested for interrupting a hearing of the House Appropriations Committee. On New Year's Day, he was arrested for defacing a few bridges here in the area. Then he had the nerve to imply that the arrest was violating his freedom of speech.

Of local note: Ferner was the favorite candidate for mayor here in Toledo in 1992, but lost narrowly to current mayor Carty Finkbeiner. Sure am glad we dodged that bullet!

Michele Malkin was there and has some pics.