Stop the ACLU says:

  • The ACLU thinks that parents have no right to know if their pregnant underage daughter is seeking an abortion.
  • The ACLU believes anyone, for any reason at any time should be allowed to abort a child.
  • The ACLU opposes abstinence education.
  • The ACLU has fought to have constitutionally-sound displays that include the Ten Commandments removed from public property.
  • The ACLU is on record as supporting polygamy.

Sure glad they're standing up for all our rights, eh?

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After two months of night classes, my wife and I were licensed to be foster parents this summer. Last week, we received our first long-term placement: a bright, adorable, attractive one-year-old girl.

Only thing is, she screams bloody murder when I walk into the room. With my wife or with the kids (especially our oldest) she's fine, but she has no use for adult males unless there's no women around.

Now I'm a big boy, and I can handle it. With four other kids in the house, it's not the first time a baby didn't want to be held by me. And it isn't even truly that she doesn't want me to pick her up, because she'll reach for me if no one else is there: she just prefers to be held by women. But she looks terrified when I pick her up.

Could be nothing. Maybe she's just not spent that much time around male family members. Or maybe it's more than that. I know I'm a stranger to her (and moreso than the rest of the family because of work) and that I'm just projecting here, but I can't help be angry at a world in which a little girl is terrified that she would be left alone with a man.

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Bach'n it

My wife took our oldest out of town for the rest of the week, and today was my first full day alone with the other three kids. Forgot how much I always liked the smell of Play-Doh.

Oh, come on. You do too.


Twenty years later...

... (and a handful of abominable VHS tapes in our library) and I can still correct some of our kids on the names of the Care Bears. There must be something more useful those neurons could be remembering.