What did you do today?

Saturday was my wife's annual all-day holiday shopping trip with her girlfriends. The kids and I took a vote, and I got to be in charge (by a very narrow margin). We had a good time, nobody got hurt, and I even managed to get some work done.

In the morning, after we all ate and dressed, we had a parade through the kitchen and living room. It started out as just the younger two (and myself following along, because Younger Daughter insisted I join). We marched around with their toy drums and... Well, frankly they were all percussion instruments, so you can imagine. But once I was in, I was all in, and decided to be the loudest one. (How often do you get asked to be in a parade? You could put me in the Macy's parade next week, and I wouldn't have as much fun.) I'm a little hoarse now, but I'm sure there's no connection.

Got a call from a neighbor asking to borrow our slow cooker. Actually she asked whether I would need it. She asked why I laughed at her. I told her she was welcome to it, and that while I probably could use it, it wouldnt come up unless the microwave was broken and our freezer was empty.

We had an early lunch because Oldest Daughter had a girl scout field trip in the afternoon. My wife had thoughtfully arranged transportation so I wouldn't need to leave twice and cut short Youngest Son's nap. I'd meant to watch THE GAME this afternoon, but I confess I lost track of the time when Older Son asked me to play with him. I admit that if I had kept track of the time, I would have tuned OS out after an hour, and that would have been a crime. He got my (mostly) undivided attention while YD got some quiet time. (Nearly four years old, and she's outgrown the daily nap, so educational TV it is.)

By the time I realized the game was on, it was halftime, and time to pick up OD at school. I also had errands to run. First to the video store to return a one-night rental: Sahara. I've rented some stinkers in my time, and this wasn't one of those. But it did require some suspension of disbelief.

Anyway, errands to run: we picked up OD and went to the local everything store. Everything: specialty groceries, tools, toys, garden, automotive maintenance, dinner plates, construction supplies, holiday goods, and the kitchen sink. They even have a dining room for one of these. But this trip was just for motor oil and filters: time to ready the family transport before our holiday drive over the river and through the woods.

Then home to see the end of the game. In the time we'd been gone Michigan got their first lead of the game, then extended it by a field goal, but the Buckeyes had come back to within 2. (Not everyone in Toledo is an Ohio State fan, but we are in my family. These things are in the blood, you know.) I watched the final touchdown drive, with only YS (just shy of 2 years old) joining me to cheer the team on.

Freezer pizza for supper. (My wife had run down the list of things available to eat in the house, should there be a blizzard between here and Detroit to prevent her from returning to buy foodstuffs on Sunday. She's very thoughtful, and knows I wouldn't think of preparing food myself until it was time to eat.) Then a quick clean-up of the downstairs -- fourth time in one day, I think. The older two were very helpful, YD less so (no snack before bed for you young lady). Baths for all, bedtime stories and prayers for the younger two. Back downstairs for a game with the older two.

Out to the garage to change the oil. I spilled half a quart of fresh oil on the floor, and didn't have enough kitty litter to soak it up (no cats, you see). So that'll be part of tomorrow's adventure. Everyone in bed by nine, and me downstairs to ensure that my office desktop will work off-network when I take it to the customer's site on Monday. Put on Return of the King (last year's Christmas present) for the first time. I'd been holding out telling myself I'd re-read each book before watching the movies again. Didn't live up to that one, though. I've still got 400 pages to go. Anyway, the computer checked out fine, and the movie still ends the way I remember it. My wife came home about five paragraphs ago, and it's almost one now, so it's time to call it a night. Thanks for reading, and drop me an e-mail some time.

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