Have you voted today?

I was voter number 21 in my ward before coming to work this morning. Our county has just purchased electronic touch-screen voting machines. As I pulled into the parking lot at the precinct, the radio was filled with doomsday reports of the poll workers not being ready 30 minutes after the scheduled opening. The parking lot was congested, but not full, and there was no apparent line (in contrast with last year, when people were lined up out the door in the rain at 7am).

I entered the building, a church around the corner from my home, and found that of the three wards in my precinct only mine had a line. Not a respectable one - only three people ahead of me. When it was my turn, I gave my name and address, was handed a card not unlike a hotel key, and directed to one of two available voting machines. I inserted the card, and finished voting in less than 2 minutes, reviewed my choices, confirmed them. I returned the card to the poll worker who'd given it to me, thanked her, and left.

Here's my problem. One of the issues on the ballot here in Ohio - Issue 2 - is intended to allow any registered voter to vote by mail or in person up to 35 days before an election. Ostensibly, this is because it's too burdensome to have to wait in line to vote in person. (Nevermind that one can get absentee ballots under existing law.) The thing is, last year Ohio had a record number of voters participate, with a near-record turnout percentage at over 71%. People were undeterred by inclement weather or by long lines. This year we're asked to pass a ballot initiative to make it easier to vote, but there will be (likely) less than half as many actual voters. Are they staying home because of the prospect of long lines? I think not.

Do you plan to vote? If not, why not?