Sunday: KindHearts of Toledo was raided by Treasury agents as an alleged front operation for funneling money to terrorist organizations Hamas and Al Qaeda.

That's about four miles away from my house. I've driven past that place probably a thousand times (though I'm not sure how long they've been there.)

My first thought: it's unsettling to think there could be terrorist fundraisers that close to home, but I'm willing to wait for a trial to assume guilt. (It's not like I was giving them money, so whether I presume them guilty doesn't really contribute to anything.)

Yesterday: The FBI arrested three Toledoans on charges of conspiracy to commit terrorist acts against Americans.

They showed the houses and street names of these guys on the local news, along with reaction from neighbors. One of the three lives about a half mile from the church where two of our children attended preschool.

My thoughts now:

  1. Assume guilt. It's still true that whether I think they're guilty has no bearing on anything. In a court of law, they can be innocent until proven guilty. The court of public opinion doesn't work that way.
  2. Interrogate the snot out of the SOB's, using whatever means necessary.
  3. Two of them are American citizens. What's the penalty for treason again?
Side note: The Justice Dept. commended the local muslim community for its support in this case. But there were a number of community leaders on TV last night saying they expect a public backlash against law-abiding muslims following these events. They're right, of course. There will be, but there shouldn't be. There are honest hard-working muslim citizens in this nation who love their country and deserve the respect of their countrymen. Some have earned our respect this week, and we shouldn't forget it.