Things the world attaches to Christianity, I

Objective Justice has a piece about Rev. Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church, which I will not link to. Apparently WBC is picketing the funerals of American soldiers on the premise that they died because they were gay. Now Phelps is an extreme case, but he certainly feeds the stereotype that all Christians are intolerant homophobic cavedwellers.

Wade said...

actually, he's even worse than that. He isn't picketing them on the premise that the soldiers were gay, but on the premise that they support America, and America and American culture support and promote homosexuality. (You know, because Congress somehow has neglected to pass a law mandating the death penalty in accordance with Lev 20.) So, yeah, it's even more tenuous a connection... basically the connection is, "this will get me media coverage".

GearDaddy said...

He's a disgusting excuse for a human being. My assumption has been that he sincerely believes his actions are in accordance with God's will. I'm certain the members of WBC feel that way.

They're merely Exhibit A, however, of how completely fallen this world is.