Lutheran Guy

In honor of Reformation Sunday (tomorrow) and for your amusement, I present a song written by my wife's aunt. I think she did a great job.

LUTHERAN GUY (to the tune of American Pie)
By Cynthia Strieter-Boland

A long, long time ago
We must all remember
How the Reformation got its start

A boy to Hans and Margaret born
Was baptized on the following morn
The child of the Luther’s was named Mart

Young Martin Luther got the call
When a lightning bolt caused him to fall
He sold his books for law school
And took up studying God’s rule

He entered the monastic life
In the peaceful Erfort countryside
And something touched him deep inside
The day he took those vows


    My, my this here Lutheran guy
    May be famous, but he’s dangerous
    And a thorn in our side
    Them good ole boys at the Vatican cried
    Saying, “Just recant or you will be tried”
    ‘n’ he said, “Here I stand, I won’t be denied”
He started on his quest with love
And the utmost faith in God above
‘n’ let the Bible be his guide
But he stood up to the monks who told
How works could save your mortal soul
And tried to teach “by grace we’re justified”

Well, he said John Tetzel was a crook
‘cause of the indulgences he took
Then late one Halloween night
He gave the Vatican a fright

He nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the door
Never meant to start a holy war
But this is what he was called for
The day he took those vows
Archbishop Albert with the Pope
And Cardinal Cajetan all spoke
‘bout Martin Luther’s heresy
So they called him back to Rome to see
If a Diet of Worms could ever be
Enough to make him stop his blasphemy

He was excommunicated then
By a jury of his former friends
The courtroom was adjourned
The verdict was returned

And while Martin left that day from Rome
To Castle Wartburg his new home
He recalled the fervor he had known
The day he took those vows
He met a girl who’d been a nun
And escaped the convent on the run
Katharina Bora was her name
In Wittenburg as man and wife
Mart’n Katy started their new life
And pretty soon six new Lutherans came

Now the printing press was all the rage
And Martin’s words were on each page
The Word was also spoken
For the rules had all been broken

And the three that he admired most
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Were praised with an angelic host
The day he took those vows