Quite a week

Father's Day was great. The oldest kids hand-made a birdhouse and painted a storage container for me. They put a lot of work into it. I'm really blessed to have kids so eager to show their love. Also got this which I've been listening to back and forth to work all week. Watched Walk the Line a month or so ago, and it got me hooked.

Also, YD had her dance recital on Sunday. Her mom, big sister, and Grandma went to see, while I watched the boys. She loves to perform for people, when she's in the mood. The upshot is, she really enjoyed dance, which means another year of lessons. It's nice to see her have an activity she enjoys though, that's different from what her older sibs do. It's strange how different four kids can be.

Yesterday a huge storm system passed through here. I'm told we made the national news. Longest day of the year according to the calendar, but it looked like early evening all day long when it wasn't raining. Thunderstorms here, with lots of flooding. Tornados elsewhere in the area. We got 4 inches of rain at the house, and about 3/8" on the floor at one end of the basement. It scared the kids a little, I think. We were mostly worried about the new drywall, but glad we hadn't gotten to carpet yet. At the office this morning, the parking lot was flooded until after 10am.

Today is our 10th wedding anniversary. I love my wife, and I give thanks to God for her. Only He knows where I'd be without her. She observed earlier this week what a long time ten years is. That's something you hardly have any appreciation for when you get married in your early twenties. We were relatively mature when we got married, but even so we had a lot of growing up to do. I'm quite certain it's only by grace that marriages last 'til death do us part.


Wade said...

Can I borrow the Johnny Cash from you sometime? I think I'd like it...

GearDaddy said...

Sure. I just need to collect them for you, and I'll drop them off. Think I have one at work, one in my car, and the other two at home right now.